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Let us take all the sky...

...dawn and dusk, day and night

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I felt at the top of a mountain when I could feel at all.
I'd rather you find me here, than anywhere else at all.
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I am me. Dedicated to something meaningful. Me is someone with dreams, who is working on creating a future. I am loving, and strive to be open-minded, but those who push my limits will be pushed out by "means". You wouldn't like meeting means, as they're not very nice. Treat me the way you want to be treated. I learn the hard way and like it. I love trying new things, am all about change and growing. I don't believe in perfection, hate, or the typical notion of a hero. Life's complexity should be met by flexibility. The seasons and nature effect me. People are sensitive. I want to be more gentle. We should approach each other with understanding. That is a goal.

It is necessary to not bother me if you're not capable of being real and honest.
The crap lines are closed, so no new crap is being accepted at this time.
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*Be strong.
*Feed this hippie.
*Be cool.
*Chill out.
*Don't obsess.
*No whining/begging.

There are reasons for every one of those rules. They're kind of new for me.

Expectation: Be true, be you.

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
I'm like a baby in a barred bed
Playing peekaboo with the mobile overhead
Sometimes I try climbing over the edge
But that's a long fall- I might land dead
The face in the frame makes faces at me
I think you'll paint the walls white and blue
Wake you up in the night to straighten my blankets
I only know I need, what I need of you
Transience (flamboyantly expressive semi-autobiographical, semi-crude poem, subject to change)

Maybe you've spent your life dreaming me up,
doubting I'd ever come true
Doubt no longer, illuminated person-tops
Lay your eyes upon the notoriety-drunk
She's an ugly sort of duckling,
but a swan among geese and microwave cancer backpack kids
foaming at the test tube

To each ones own- a different story
Caught in combination with consequence and commotion
without inventive influence, it's tricky fruitless

In a place called now, seek and ye shall get lost

At birth I was granted one wish by a genie,
to be fulfilled in death

They find their way from grains that grace shores
to colored sheets in halls and churches
Glass promises are broken beautifully, let there be light over windowsills
Kaleidoscopic shards are swept away, so silent still you walk

Your sun is on the grass, your sun is on the trees,
your sun is on my back, your sun shines on me
You've been searching for El Nino in all the wrong places
For every time I've gone cold numb and shuddered late to thaw,
my nervy optics flipped you upside-down- never mind what I saw
With shoulders slowly getting colder,
From shadows of thought to forward motions of blatant brush-strokes
I love you bursting from my pallet, entrails terrestrial

Love is rule, love is fuel!
Someone may have mentioned a fool
Sometimes I plan to be there
Sometimes I'm just stupid
Can allegiances be legitimate without illegible logic?
Da, da, da

Every day I wonder,
and look at what's been done
Every day I wonder,
how is this mine alone?
I'll never ever stop wondering
Forever is a moment in a place in time.
(Jesus is a pimp in a bowling alley and he's drinking up all the notoriety.)
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Driving, driving, lost in thoughts on the highway
Slow me to a low desert crawl
Dance me to it's venomous roam
Watching wide through pupils small
Live me, live me, lullaby home
Highway, highway, do you recall
times I've almost hit the wall?
Tell me, tell me, you said you would
numbers, miles, limits ago-
As your melody buzzed by below-
my fingers reach out in rainbow rich swelter
mother blows shelter
Live me out in a still-life stiff
Live me on in abstracts shattered
Live me in blissful bewilderment
Aspire me conscious, or half will suffice
Live in me as I live you in
Highway, highway, lost in thought
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